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Terms and Conditions

Contract of Service


It is paramount that prompt neuropsychological services and reports are provided; unfortunately this is not always the case.


At Synapse Neuropsychology we are very confident about the professionalism and international world-leading calibre of our services; we therefore charge our full fee only if our report is provided to you within 10 business days of settlement of our account.


In the unlikely case that this is not possible, as noted elsewhere we offer a 5% discount in our fee for every day beyond 10 business days since settlement that it takes for us to provide you with your report*.


Professional and Ethical Guidelines


As noted elsewhere under our Privacy Policy, our neuropsychological evaluations involve the collection of personal information. All of our assessments are undertaken through relevantly qualified and/or registered individuals acting impartially following appropriate professional and ethical guidelines. We are committed to protecting your privacy unless we are compelled by law or similar obligatory force (e.g. professional, ethical) to do otherwise in the relevant jurisdiction. You have a right to access your information unless denied by law or similar obligatory force (e.g. professional, ethical) in the relevant jurisdiction. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further relevant information.


If an independent assessment is being undertaken, no treating clinical relationship is necessarily being established with the practitioner undertaking the assessment.


You are respectfully requested to notify the examining practitioner immediately if you experience discomfort or other adverse experiences/sensations during the consultation.


Our practice complies with all relevant professional, ethical and legal guidelines in force within the relevant jurisdiction, with worldwide indemnity insurance as per requirements in the relevant jurisdiction.


(*Provided that you have given us a correct email address in order to expedite delivery of each report; this guarantee applies to bookings in which this website is cited when you make the booking.)

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