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Synapse Neuropsychology 

Professor Jonathan Foster - A Leading International

Neuropsychologist for over 25 years 

Leading Evidence-Based,


Assessment Expertise

Synapse Neuropsychology has an international track record in evidence-based neuropsychological assessment and offers a variety of clinical services. Professional training and academic education has been received across three continents in global best practice via world-leading scientist-practitioners in clinical neuroscience. We have thousands of citations of our peer-reviewed, international publications.

Professor Jonathan Foster

Clinical Neuropsychologist

FRMS DPhil (Oxon) First Class (Hons) DipNeuropsych MAPS FCCN CPsychol (UK) CSci (UK) AFBPsS Affiliate AACN (USA)

Highly Trusted Professional Services

We offer an excellent range of clinical assessment services for brain injury and disease using internationally-applied instruments.

Extensively Published, Internationally Trained


Widely published in books and learned journals; more than 250 lectures given across the globe.

10 Day Report Turnaround

We can't stand needless and unnecessary delays - so why should you when you request a report from us?

MedicoLegal Specialists

Professor Foster has worked internationally in the medicolegal arena for over 20 years. This has involved a considerable volume of neuropsychological assessment of injured individuals (on behalf of both plaintiff and defendant solicitors) and worker’s compensation insurance claims.


Related to this caseload, Professor Foster has presented evidence as an expert witness at the Supreme Court, District Court and both Federal and State Tribunals in addition to international arenas. He has also provided evidence concerning capacity assessments for Medical and Allied Health Practitioner Boards.

Our Clinical Services

At Synapse Neuropsychology, we can help you tackle a wide range of issues in an evidence-based manner based on international best practice.  Please contact us for further information.

Quality Service - Guaranteed

It is paramount that prompt neuropsychological services and reports are provided; unfortunately this is not always the case.

We are very confident about the professionalism and international world-leading calibre of our services; we therefore charge our full fee only if our report is provided to you within 10 business days of settlement of our account.


In the unlikely case that this is not possible, we offer a 5% discount in our fee for every day day beyond 10 business days since settlement that it takes for us to provide you with your report.

We can't stand needless and unnecessary delays - so why should you?

Areas in which we can help

Problems Getting Back to Work or Study after an Accident?

After suffering a brain injury in a work or car accident, people often feel they are experiencing thinking difficulties and frequently find it challenging to return to work or study.

Difficulties with School or University Work?

You may be the kind of person who has always had problems with school work; these issues might include difficulty concentrating in class, numeracy issues, reading and writing problems or difficulties with written expression or comprehension.

Memory Concerns

People often experience memory lapses in their daily life, especially if they are stressed or very busy.

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